Kuchiz Co-Working Space

Kuchiz is a co-working space combining tradition and modernity in heart of Tehran, near Tehran Grand Bazaar. Kuchiz is within a 5-minute walking distance to Panzdah-e-Khordad metro station. Access to a high-speed internet connection, shared or private desks, and a cafe inside the house will give you all you need to work remotely in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

All you need as a Freelancer!

Were you always wishing for a time in which you can travel while working? Good news is we have provided a co-working space for you in which you both work and dig deep into Tehran and Iran.

Besides, Kuchiz is a traditional house with modern facilities that makes working delightful more than ever. Where you can work alongside the pool and enjoy a cup of coffee and the breeze whispering through the trees.

List of Services

Kuchiz Service

Our primary services at Kuchiz Co-Working Space:

Working Space

  • Shared Desk
  • Max 3-person per desk
  • Best for Tourism Startups
  • High Speed Internet Connection


  • Free Accommodation
  • Coffe Shop
  • Near Panzdah-e-Khordad Metro Station
  • Locker


  • Gathering of Int. Professionals
  • Friendly Staff
  • Close to Tehran Grand Bazaar
  • Easy Access to Must-See sites


Cedar Hostel (one-minute walking distance to Kuchiz)

Operation Hours

From 7:00 am to 11:00 pm.

Strategic Location

Easy and quich access to most Tehran sightseeings in less than 45 mins

What is "Digital

Digital Nomad is a new term for type of people who would like to work remotely in foreign countries, co-working spaces, some strange places and even in coffee shops! In Kuchiz Space, we've tried to bring them altogether, so you can enjoy working in Tehran metropolitan, rest in our coffee shop or yard, and even visit different types of Tehran Attractions.

Great Place for

Iran is now considered as a very cheap country for living and it made this land a great choice for travelers and freelancers to spend valuable time with only few dollars! Eating in a fancy restaurant in Tehran will only costs you $20 USD! Yes, you can enjoy a lot here.



We mainly qualify you in 4 steps, to check if we can host you based on our rules and your needs:


Receive Proposal

First, we would like to receive your request with details of what you are plan to do.



Our team will review your proposal. They will be looking for mutual match inside it.



Based on your proposal, we will get in touch with you to talk more about the possibilities of you joining us.


Final Decision

In the final step, we will review all the previous data and then come back to you with our final decision.

Kuchiz Space


Kuchiz Space


We have tried our bests to offer a flexible and eco-price for most of the international freelancers



For International Volunteers

  • Accommodations Included
  • 1 Free Tour with Kouchiz
  • 3 Weeks works for Kuchiz
  • Must Be a Video/Photo Editor
  • High Speed Internet Connection
  • * Limited Capacity
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Premium: Internationals


For International Freelancers

  • Accommodations Included
  • %50 OFF in 1 Kuchiz Tour
  • Shared Desk
  • %10 OFF for Coffee Shop Orders
  • High Speed Internet Connection
  • * Limited Capacity
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Premium: International Teams


For Small Businesses

  • Accommodations Included
  • Private Desk
  • Tourism-related Startups
  • %10 OFF for Coffee Shop Orders
  • High Speed Internet Connection
  • * Limited Capacity
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In Kuchiz Space we believe in frendship, happy environment and hard working,
that is why we have hard process of acceptance.

Kouchiz Space

About Us.

Who are people behind Kuchiz Space

A Tour Operator team
from Kuchiz

Kuchiz is a tour operator inside Iran specialized in adventure & eco-tourism tours. At Kuchiz, we mainly focus on Nomad Tours where our travelers spend days with Nomads of Iran in the heart of Zagros Mountains.

We decided to run Kuchiz Space to have a place full of international energetic freelancers whom having travel-related works.


Kuchiz Space would work as a co-working space where travel-based international freelancers gather together here. Kuchiz Space will be considerd as a tourism travel hub in Middle East region.

Many other tourism startups will be started their services from Kuchiz Co-Working Space.


Kuchiz Space wouldn't be at this place if it doesn't have its partners besides. Here is a list of our partners:

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Get In Touch With Us

Contact Us.

At Kuchiz, we would always like to hearing from you.

Our Location

Mobarra St, Grand Bazar, Tehran, IRAN

Call Us

(+98) 9131798395